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3. Terms of Payment

  • 3.1 What do the prices found in your website include?

    When you sign up to become a member, we use the data in the Port Settings you shall have indicated. When you log in and view our inventories, we can give you either the CIF price which includes the vehicle cost, insurance and ocean freight for your particular destination or we can give you the FOB price which only reflects the vehicle cost. We will always indicate if the price quoted is CIF

  • 3.2 Can we still negotiate on the prices found in your website?

    Yes, the prices on our website are negotiable. It is done by submitting offers and queries online or contacting your Account Manager (AM) via phone or e-mail. AutoTerminalís 24/7 Customer Service Center can also be reached via e-mail at, via phone at (09) 257-0070 or using the Live Chat function on the website.

    Online negotiation- After you have logged in and searched for a vehicle, just type in your offer amount at the upper right box in the vehicle details page and press Send Offer. A counter offer will be sent to your email.

  • 3.3 Do you allow installment payments?

    No, we require full payment of invoice price within 7 days from date of confirmation. Vehicles will be released only upon full payment.

  • 3.4 What are your Terms of Trade?

    To view our complete trade terms, visit the Terms of Trade page under My Account. Please note that different AutoTerminal regions have different Terms of Trade. Make sure that you have read and understood the terms of your specific region.

  • 3.5 Where and how do I make my payment?

    You must log in to find out the various modes of payment available to you in your specific region. Go to our Payment Options page which will be found under My Account.

  • 3.6 How do I view my account status/statement?

    Only after logging in can you generate different kinds of reports such as Account Statements, Commercial Invoices, Detailed Stock Reports, etc. They are found on the My Report page under My Account in the main navigation menu.

    If you go to the My Reports page under My Account without logging in, you will only be able to see samples of the types of reports you can generate.

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