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March 24, 2009

AutoTerminal.com announces the launch itís new Parts and Accessories page! Just log in to browse through our new and improved Parts & Accessories Center and search for genuine parts for any Japanese or American-made vehicle! This improved feature is part of AutoTerminal.comís efforts to offer genuine OEM parts for your maintenance and accessorizing needs.

Parts & Accessories Center’s features include:

Search New Parts. Find quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for any Japanese or American-made vehicle in one click!
Search Parts using chassis prefix. Parts diagram are made available for easy reference. Simply click on the parts description.
Parts shipment within 48 hours! Right after payment confirmation!
Shopping Cart for Easy Ordering. Click the specific items in your Search Results Display and it will be automatically added to your Shopping Cart to facilitate faster processing of your purchase (for items readily available on stock)!
24/7 online support from our Parts Representatives! Enjoy quick response from our team regarding parts inquiries or quotations! Plus, we’ll provide you updates on the status of your purchase or search inquiry! It’s quick and it’s easy! Go to AutoTerminal Parts now!

Or you can contact any one of our Parts Representatives by calling (81) 75 622 5091 or email us at parts@autoterminal.com! If you prefer to chat or skype with us, simply log in to AutoTerminal.com. It is but an example of our commitment to provide you with the very best customer experience. AutoTerminal .com, we are always happy to serve you!

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